Elizabeth Edgar Hall

About Us

We award college scholarships to women attending Edward Waters College, FSCJ, JU, or UNF in Jacksonville, FL

For over a century, the Elizabeth Edgar Hall organization has continued its legacy of supporting women’s education and careers. Today, we provide college scholarships for women in Jacksonville, FL, to attend Edward Waters College, FSCJ, JU, and UNF. 

Our History

Elizabeth Edgar Hall

In the early 1900s, society’s expectations required unmarried women to avoid living alone. In 1910, a dedicated group of women sought to address this issue and founded the Elizabeth Edgar Auxiliary, named after the mother of one of the founders, Elizabeth Edgar.

The Auxiliary established a boarding house in Downtown Jacksonville to provide a safe place for women to live while working. Soon a humble frame house on Beaver Street was named “Elizabeth Edgar Hall,” which became a thriving residence for unmarried women who worked in nursing, teaching, and secretarial jobs. The Hall was a solution for women to earn a living and use their professional training to benefit the community. 

In the 1970s, the historical house was sold, and proceeds funded loans for women attending post-secondary schools in Duval County. In 1991, Elizabeth Edgar Hall evolved from providing loans to granting scholarships in order to serve a larger number of women in Jacksonville, FL.

2020 Board of Directors

We are a private, nonprofit charity directed by a volunteer board of local women who model success across diverse professions. Our board is dedicated to helping Jacksonville women become financially empowered through higher education and career resources. The board oversees and approves funding for scholarships to help relieve the financial pressures of attending college, which can often change a life’s course. We offer:

  • Scholarships
  • Financial education
  • Early career enrichment

2020-21 Board members include:

  • Victoria Cochran, Co-Chair
    Talent Development Consultant
  • Brittany Glenos, Board Member
    Fidelity National Information Services
  • Carolynn Mickler, Treasurer
    Mickler & Mickler, LLP
  • Jess Olberding, Co-Chair
    Strategic Industry Communications
  • Katherine Surcey, Secretary
    Duval County Public Schools

Hundreds of women have applied, met the criteria, received our scholarships, and sustained their GPA to launch careers that make a positive impact on the First Coast and beyond. We know that scholarships help make a college degree economically possible. Many of our scholarship recipients become future volunteers with us or serve on our board to encourage others.

30 years of scholarships to more than 300 women in Jacksonville
More than $400,000 awarded to women making an impact in our community


APRIL 30, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern



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